# 13. DVD王国からの電話(US)

# スクリプト

Hello, this is Christine calling from DVD Kingdom. I'm returning your call. Thank you for your inquiry about the defective DVD you bought at our online store. In fact, we've received exactly the same complaints from other customers. They enjoyed the movie until Chapter 17 – the moment when Chloe carries off some crates full of bulbs with a wheelbarrow, naked. At that point, the DVD freezes. We can give you a refund or ship a new one that works... or deliver it by hand... since my apartment is close to your house. I'd love to watch it with you...

# 単語チェック

this is A calling from B: BのAと申します
return your call: 折り返しの電話をする
inquiry: 問い合わせ
defective: 欠陥の、欠陥品
exactly: まさに、正確に
complaint: 苦情
until: ~までは
carry off:運び去る
crate: 木箱
bulb: 電球
wheelbarrow: 手押し車
freeze: フリーズする
refund: 返金
ship: 発送する
work: 正常に機能する
deliver it by hand: 手渡す
since~: ~なので
be close to~: ~に近い

# 日本語訳